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The One Whole Health On Line Community
The One Whole Health On Line Community was created to give every busy person a time and place to unplug daily. Enjoy the articles, meditations, recordings and videos all designed to support your wellness journey.
The One Minute Refresh

At One Whole Health, we focus on what you CAN do to feel good on purpose. Many people feel they don't have time to meditate, but everyone has one minute! The One Minute Refresh is a meditation from nature that you can use anytime, anywhere that you need to "take a minute." Load the video on your computer, phone or MP3 player and step away from the stress of the day! While watching the Refresh, take a minimum of four deep breaths to activate your Vagas nerve and relax your entire body.

Waterfall~Munduk, Bali

Desert Clouds


Being With Gold

Copper Lake

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