Feeling Good On Purpose ~ 21 Day Virtual Course

Feeling Good On Purpose ~ Your 21 Day Virtual Course

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Feeling good is your natural design,
but everyone can get off track sometimes.

feeling good
Feeling good is a choice that takes practice! The intention of this 21 day course from One Whole Health is to raise your expectation for feeling good and practice simple exercises to meet that expectation!

We will help you practice feeling good EVERY day through a series of simple exercises combined with reflective journaling. You'll bring curiosity and awareness to the thoughts you think, the food you eat and even how your brain chemistry and hormones support you.

You'll enjoy playful exercises designed to build your FEEL GOOD muscle through self care, connection and even spirituality. You'll practice your new approach long enough to develop new habits and walk away with a Feel Good Menu designed to sustain your new choices far into the future.

What's included:

Daily actions steps to encourage your exploration
Daily journaling to develop deeper awareness
Coach comments to accelerate your results
Connection with fellow course members through journaling
Live Q&A call with Leah Lund-great for trouble shooting and gaining clarification or inspiration
Free Brain Chemistry Assessment and 30 min Discovery Session to see how your brain can help you feel good
Lifetime access to the on line journal community and free self guided course
"Thoughts That Make You Feel Good"
FREE copy of Ready, Aim, Soar! The Expert Insight's System for Success

Feeling Good On Purpose

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