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Welcome to the One Whole Health Journal Community

Our community was created to give every busy person a time and place to unplug daily. The first step toward wellness is to bring health & happiness into your consciousness every day-even for only 1 minute a day.

Your FREE membership gives you access to the following tools for developing wellness awareness:

  1. One Whole Health On Line Journal and a free self-guided course "Thoughts That Make You Feel Good." Discover the thoughts that make you feel good and let go of the thoughts that bring you down. Journal at your pace on your schedule. You will have direct access to journal privately, with coaches and/or with a community of kindred spirits all focused on fitting their well being into their schedule.

  2. Articles Library. This archive of feel good articles provides just the right dose of inspirational thought, researched information and practical tools for taking action to get you back on track and keep you there. Topics include Nutrition, Lifestyle, Thoughts, Moods, Boosting Energy, Brain Health, Journaling, Your Body, Self Care, Relationships, Career, Connectivity and Awareness. Find an area of opportunity and begin feeling good today.

  3. One Minute Refresh. Meditations from nature that you can use anytime, anywhere that you need to "take a minute." Load the video on your computer, phone or MP3 player and step away from the stress of the day. While watching the Refresh, take a minimum of four deep breaths to activate your Vagas nerve and relax your entire body.

  4. Follow Leah's Journal. This is the One Whole Health version of a blog. Journaling is more personal, more intentional and more specific than blogging. Read Leah's journals and see how she makes health her priority and navigates the challenges any business owner faces.

  5. Family. As a member of our On Line Community, you are family. You'll receive special invites to free events and reduced investment in group/private coaching programs and One Whole Health Retreats.
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